"The Legacy Continues"

Between "Citizen's Chapel," the first African American Funeral Home in Troy, and "George F. Grubbs Funeral Home," the Grubbs Family has over 80 years of experience caring for grieving families in Pike and surrounding counties. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our Founder

Our Founder, George F. Grubbs, and his wife Yvonne, opened George F. Grubbs Funeral Home on October 5, 1979.  He considered it a true calling to assist families during their time of sorrow.  George was a man of integrity  and had a firm business philosophy - "Plumb Straight and Level like a Mortar Line."  This reference to masonry was a result of his years operating the family construction business started by his father - Dan Grubbs ("Papa Grubbs"), who also owned the first African American funeral home in Troy - Citizen's Chapel.   Following his father's illness and death, George, eventually, operated Citizens Chapel for many years before he opened George F. Grubbs Funeral Home.   His service to grieving families of Pike County and surrounding counties totaled over 50 years.  Since George's death in 2006, the Grubbs family continues to operate George F. Grubbs Funeral Home, Inc.   Day-to-day operations are led by George's protégé's - Dr. Noah Turner, General Manager and Funeral Director, and Jermaine Jackson, Office Manager.  So, from "Papa Grubbs" to George Grubbs to the current Grubbs Family and Staff,  "The Legacy Continues" of serving families with the utmost in Integrity, Professionalism and Care.

Our Family and Valued Staff

Dr. Noah Turner

Dr. Noah Turner, General Manager & Funeral Director in Charge

Dr. Noah Turner, Protégé and "Adopted Son" to Mr. Grubbs runs day-to-day operations of George F. Grubbs Funeral Home since 2004. Dr. Turner obtained a doctorate in Education from Nova Southeastern University. He also holds a Master's from Troy University and B.S. from Auburn University in Montgomery in Education. In addition, he earned his degree in Mortuary Science from The Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service in Houston, TX. Dr. Turner was appointed to the International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards in 2013. When not working, Noah is involved in church and community activities. He is also an active member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. He and his wife Arleisha are the proud parents of a young son - Noah Jr.

Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine Jackson, Family Services and Office Manager

Mr. Jermaine Jackson, Mr. Grubbs' protégé and cousin, started with Grubbs Funeral Home in 2002 as a student at Troy State University. Mr. Jackson is responsible for smooth operation of the offices of the funeral home and managing the Family Services Team. When not working, Mr. Jackson is very active in the community and most enjoys coaching youth basketball.

Jessica D. Grubbs-Pelham

Jessica D. Grubbs-Pelham, President

Jessica D. Grubbs-Pelham, George's oldest daughter, is President of the corporation. Although trained as an Engineer, she grew up assisting in the family business and is extremely concerned about exceeding the expectations of every family choosing the services of Grubbs Funeral Home. She provides family services and is active "behind the scenes."

Adjoa Grubbs Brown

Adjoa Grubbs Brown, Vice-President and Family Services

Adjoa Grubbs Brown, George's youngest daughter, is Vice-President of Grubbs Funeral Home. As a trained Health Care Professional, Adjoa is very concerned about the impact of the grieving process and long-term health of our families. She coordinates our Grieving Support Group activities and has planned upcoming Health Fairs/Seminars to be sponsored by the funeral home.

James  Crawley

James Crawley, Family Services

Mr. Crawley has been with Grubbs Funeral Home from the beginning in 1979. He is a Funeral Attendant and supports families during their time of need. With his gentle and calming personality. Mr. Crawley helps families during the most difficult time of their lives. Outside of work, Mr. Crawley enjoys farming and fishing.

Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson, Family Services

Mr. Chris Jackson is a valued member of our team of Family Service Representatives. Chris is a funeral attendant, who carries out his duties with the utmost in dignity and professionalism. He is also available at the funeral home to assist our families as needed. Chris enjoys sports in his spare time.

Larry Bland

Larry Bland, Family Services

Mr. Larry Bland is a Family Services Representative. He carries out his duties with care and compassion for the family of Grubbs Funeral Home. Larry and his family reside in Troy, and he enjoys church, sports and all types leisure activities with his wife and kids.

Timothy Pelham

Timothy Pelham, Technical Director and Board Member

Timothy Pelham, husband of Jessica Grubbs-Pelham, acts as Technical Director for Grubbs Funeral Home. In this capacity, Tim ensures the funeral home implements the latest technology in the Funeral Industry. In addition, Tim is a board member for the corporation. An Electrical Engineer, Tim holds Master's degrees in both Business Administration and Computer Science. Tim's idea of fun is a great round of golf and, occasionally, traveling to a great location for a nice round of golf.

Harvey Brown Jr.

Harvey Brown Jr., Board Member

Harvey is a graduate of Morehouse College and, also, Vanderbilt University MBA School. Harvey is married to Adjoa Grubbs Brown, and they have young children - Helen Yvonne and Harvey III ("HB3").

James & Yvette Floyd

James & Yvette Floyd, Board of Directors

Yvette Grubbs Floyd, George's middle daughter, and her husband, Atty. James Floyd are no longer active in the day-to-day operations of the family business. However, they remain members of the Board of Directors and give advice, as needed. Yvette and James have three children - Christian (a college freshman), Chandler (a High School Senior) and Gabrielle (a Middle Schooler).